Engaging with eLearning

True digital learning natives will more readily engage with learning designed to entertain, educate and empower. These are our strengths and experiences, providing the right solutions with multimedia, video, docudrama and micro learning modules. 

All creative and interactive content that delivers short, concise and dynamic learning, which cultivates continuing professional development and human performance. We focus on the customers learning and development plans, their learner expectations, goals and preferences. This means understanding their learning culture to engage employees, avoiding any tendency to make eLearning courses too long, too linear, uninspiring and generally lacking engagement.

Effective learning could be a considered blend of video scenarios, motion graphics, training vignettes, micro learning modules, quizzes, interactions and other activities offering a learning experience that people enjoy, talk about and remember to put into practise to achieve learning objectives and outcomes.

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RWM Waste Container Training

This module was developed to give a general awareness of RWM approved waste containers. After an introduction, the learner will be able to choose their own path. The learning materials also contain many functions and references leading to additional materials for the more technical user, who wants to know more. The creative and unique use of graphics and animations deliver an overall lighter learning experience for a highly technical programme. Further information is also obtained from drilldown options embedded within the learning. The content is SCORM compliant and compatible with HTML5 to work across all platforms and mobile devices. 

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It is predominantly aimed at site operators and maintainers, who will be handling the NOVAPAK. It is also useful for those required to have a general awareness of NOVAPAK. This course can be used as a tool to support customers own in house training package and to ensure that a consistent message is delivered to all NOVAPAK users. 

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Dedici for HEEM

Our team worked in collaboration with NHS HEEM and DEDICI to produce six, scenario-based eLearning and video modules as part of an interactive eLearning package which was used to help train Educational Supervisors within the industry. The course is used as a learning recourse to refer to, as well as for refresher learning. We developed the course using a combination of docudrama and Interactive learning to accurately convey behaviors to engage its target audience.

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EDF Clarity

Three modules developed for Project Managers to be able to use the Clarity system to create and maintain appropriate structures for projects of different types and levels of complexity. And for Project Delivery Managers to use the Clarity system to consistently assure the quality of project structure, schedules and resourcing.  management. A mix of video, eLearning and motion graphics made this learner experience intuitive, engaging and successful. 

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