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Axiom and e-Aspire to offer an extensive range of engagement and leadership skills workshops, via interactive online learning, to help large organisations and SMEs alike deliver success.

Axiom Communications has a 25 year-long track record in helping organisations achieve their full potential through the actions of their own better engaged, inspired and aligned workforces. This often demands skilling up leaders and line managers, through their highly experienced, infectiously enthusiastic and trusted trainers and coaches. And now many of the highly successful workshops they have created are to be made available on demand, 24/7/365 – anywhere in the world.

Axiom has appointed e-Aspire, as their online learning and development partner, to help produce a series of inspiring, entertaining and action-oriented virtual workshops. These will be offered on e-Aspires unique learning management solution Channel2Learning (C2L) which Axiom will use as their own cloud-based route to market for all of their online learning courses.

Both companies have successfully partnered, for decades, with many of the world’s leading organisations, in a wide variety of sectors and share a mutual vision on promoting digital learning across the SME market, in addition to supporting talent from large blue-chip organisations.

C2L was specifically designed and developed for this market, enabling SMEs to enter online learning for the first time and access workshops originally designed for large corporates, who share so many of the same challenges that smaller businesses face.

About e-Aspire

e-Aspire is a highly creative multimedia production company, producing digital media for eLearning, training and corporate communications. Its client base covers many international organisations in the public and private sectors. The company is well-known for its high-quality, innovative, creative and interactive content that entertains, educates and empowers. With its wealth of knowledge and experience in learning technologies and content production, e-Aspire developed Channel2Learning.




About Axiom Communications

Axiom Communications equip leaders, line managers and communicators with the expertise, tools, materials, skills and practical assistance they need, to help them achieve their goals. With over two decades of experience, they truly understand the challenges organisations face in getting their people doing things differently, through better leadership, communication and engagement. Now these hard-won insights, and the highly pragmatic workshops they helped inspire, can be shared globally, through C2L.

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