e-Aspire launches its new LMS

e-Aspire has launched Channel2Learning (C2L) its new Learning Management Solution (LMS).

Channel2Learning (C2L) is unique. An online learning experience for any size of business who need and want to deliver cost effective online learning to their employees. C2L offers each business their own branded platform with a comprehensive library of courses from leading training providers as a single source solution.   

For businesses, with C2L they create their own specific online learning portfolio with courses selected and approved for all their learners. They can manage their learners progress to ensure they are compliant. It is affordable with a flexible pricing system scalable for any number of users from two to thousands, secure, hosted and managed in the cloud. So, no integration or software issues.

For learners, C2L makes access to online learning enjoyable, quick, simple and easy to use.

Since its launch C2L has already secured many businesses with as little as two users and many with hundred scaling to thousands, with multiyear year commitments.