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National College for Nuclear appoints e-Aspire!

The National College for Nuclear has appointed e-Aspire as its learning and development partner to launch a new online digital learning hub using e-Aspires SaaS learning management system Channel2Learning (C2L) and its digital learning content production expertise.  

This is a new initiative for both the NCfN and e-Aspire who have joined up with Bridgwater & Taunton College and Lakes College, to create an innovative online platform that provides resources and training for those within the NCfN network. It will increase the availability and flow of information between training providers, supporting them to continue to meet industry demands around skills shortages, engaging with other organisations within the nuclear sector.

“e-Aspire were selected for their experience in the online learning and training sector, with their platform and eLearning content. They have an impressive track record within the nuclear sector, understanding the requirements of the industry” said Jenny Ashworth, Associate Director, NCfN. 

“It is a great opportunity to be part of this exciting new digital learning hub” said  Mike Mulvihill, e-Aspire Founder.


Jenny Ashworth
Associate Director Business & Curriculum
National College for Nuclear
Tel: 07816-106936

Mike Mulvihill
e-Aspire Limited